fredag 12. desember 2014

The norwegian students 2014-2015

Comenius meeting in Slovenia

The second MAGIC Comenius meeting took place in Koper - Slovenia from 31 March until 7 April 2014. We where 4 students of 2 teachers participating from Norway. All together about 70 students and teachers gathered in Slovenia. Have a look at some photos from the meeting:

Group photo

Visit to Postojnska jama

Inside Postojnska jama

 The Norwegian student`s presentation

Visit to Lipica stud farm

A stallion at Lipica stud farm


The teachers in Piran

Church in Piran

RTV Koper

torsdag 23. januar 2014

Comenius meeting in the Netherlands

Our first MAGIC Comenius meeting took place in the Netherland between the 26th of November and the 3th of Desember 2013. From Norway we where 6 students and 2 teachers travelling. All together about 90 students and teachers gathered in Tilburg in the Netherlands. The following photos shows some of the things we did. Have a look!!

Manipulated photo

One task within Theme One is to manipulate photos. Here is one example with photos taken on our trip to The Netherlands:

And the originals:

tirsdag 5. november 2013